Engagement Photographs

Unless you posses some sort of celebrity status, there are very few times in your life where you hire a photographer to take pictures of you. There is no doubt you'll love your wedding pictures but it's nice to have some great not-so-formal photographs of the two of you in a pretty location such as a nice park.

Scheduling time to capture special moments between you and your fiance is great for three reasons:

  • Fabulous pictures for your home, holiday card, parents and grandparents
  • You'll have a great photo for the engagement or wedding announcement in your local paper
  • These pictures will come in handy should you have a slideshow at the reception
  • Both of you will become more comfortable with your photographer and in front of the camera
I really emphasize becoming familiar with your photographer and videographer since they will be with you your entire wedding telling you where to stand and what to do. If you are unhappy with them, trust me it will show in the pictures!

Mention to your photographer a pre-wedding photo session is something you may be interested in. If you're still meeting with photographers, ask them if they’ll include a portrait, or portrait session in the package you buy. Many photographers include such a photo session in certain packages or at the very least will give you a significant discount since you booked them for the wedding, sangeet, mehndi etc.


Mini Cupcakes

Cupcake wedding cakes are a new trend many young and hip couples are choosing over the regular run of the mill layered wedding cake. Honestly, whats not to love about a mini- cake?! In addition to making a great conversation piece, cupcake wedding cakes often cost less money, are less messy and easier to handle.

In a true cupcake wedding cake there's usually at least one cake tier (or separate cake) that is used for the bride & groom to slice through. Since there are so many different cakes, you can have many different flavors. You can choose from a variety of flavors and colors, as well as custom detailing including monograms, icons and photographic images to personalize your desserts.

If the idea of a cupcake wedding cake is a little too trendy for you, you can have a regular cake at the reception and cupcakes at your shower or any other pre-wedding festivities.


Shaadi Favor: Mark It!

Most couples like to add a personalized touch to their wedding invites, favors, programs and just about anything else.

By creating a custom designed personal logo, you can find the unique look couples search for.

One of the easiest ways to get a custom logo is to go with a graphic designer or illustrator. Or, if you have a super-creative friend, by all means get her to do it.

However if you went with the more expensive invites and hiring a designer isn't really in your budget, you and your fiance can design a monogram yourselves. By using a program as simple as Microsoft Word and playing with different fonts, you can use your initials to create a look no one else will have.

If a monogram logo is too stuffy for your taste, you can go with an image or another logo and use it throughout your wedding for a pulled together look.
Some inspiration to use for your logo:
- How you met
- Your wedding date
- The place you went on your first date

The possibilities are endless! Using your imagination, you should be able to create a fabulous logo of your own


Fashion Definition: Choli

n. A midriff baring blouse cut to fit tightly to the body with short sleeves and a low neck worn with a sari or lehnga.

There is a growing trend towards stretchy, comfortable cholis made from knit materials. More popular is choosing a choli in a complementing color rather than matching it with the sari. The fashionably daring often go for backless, strapless or sleeveless choli's.


Shaadi Shopping Guide

The outfit you wear on your wedding day is by far the most important piece of clothing you will ever wear. Probably the most expensive too!

Fact is, out of all the fabulous clothes in your closet, this is the one outfit you will wear only once. You, like celebrities, will be photographed till the cows come home.

Now, you won't have to worry about the paparazzi stalking you outside your house; but you will have to make sure you look damn good in those pictures.

You should be sure to pick an outfit that is not only gorgeous, but should have a cut and style that flatters your body accentuating your best assets. Most importantly, you need to be comfortable. This is your big day!

  • Before setting out to go shopping with all your family and friends in tow, think about what kind of look you are going for. Be sure to factor in your wedding style and budget. Are you going all out glam a la J.Lo or are you planning a simple yet elegant affair? Knowing your clothing budget is key so you don't fall in love with a lehnga or sari wayy out of your price range!
  • Once you've decided on your style and budget, it's time to get inspired!! Buy all the Indian bridal magazines you can get your hands on. Think about colors, fabric, beading etc. I suggest getting an accordion file like the See Jane Work Boon Accordion File, $24. This is a great place to store all your wedding related stuff in a neat and organized way.
  • If you are traveling abroad to shop for your outfits, be sure to allow plenty of time before the wedding. If you are getting an outfit custom made, it may take a couple fittings etc. Mumbai and Delhi are loaded with couture designers however, there are other rising cities such as Chandigarh and Ahemdabad which offer a unique style at a lower cost. When traveling abroad, make sure you are with somebody fluent in the native language. The last thing you want when selecting your wedding outfit is miscommunication!
  • Look for quality in fabrics, beading, etc. If your budget doesn't allow the finest silk, don't settle for synthetics that don't let your skin breathe. Skip the pricier beading and focus on fine, comfortable fabric and a good fit. You can compensate with a gorgeous (faux) kundan set and your striking beauty!
  • Make sure you try on your outfit before you bring it home. If you are buying it from abroad, schedule the final fitting a couple days before you leave to allow for any last minute changes.
  • If you happen to lose a couple pounds during the wedding planning process (and you most likely will-despite all the ladoos and gulab jamans being fed to you at the drop of a dime) look for a good tailor to take in your outfit. Ask family/friends for recommendations or look online on INDIANpages.net for one in your area.